Penny Board vs. Skateboard: Figuring Out Which One is Better

Skateboarding is one of the most exhilarating and fun sports anyone can try. If you are interested to learn this sport, then note that one of the things that you need is the skateboard.

In this case, you may start wondering about penny board vs. skateboard since you will most likely want to know which one is really good for you. Fortunately, this article is now around to guide you in determining the best skateboard or penny board for you.

Penny Board vs. Skateboard: The Final Say

Penny BoardSkateboard
AdvantagesConvenient because of its small sizeEasy to carry around
Highly portableInexpensive
Comes in various designsEasy to learn
Highly durableCan handle fun tricks
   DisadvantagesPurpose is quite limitedHeavier than penny board
A bit challenging to ride at firstMight tear up your shoe with constant use

Our Opinion

If you are looking for a board, which is ideal for commuting, then you might want to pick out the penny board. It is because its small size and lightweight nature make it portable. However, if you want to take on more challenges, then the skateboard is perfect for you. It’s the best for you if you want to do some tricks when skateboarding.

All About Skateboards

skateboarder in action

Skateboards refer to the sports equipment mainly used in the sport called skateboarding. It usually comes with a specially-designed board made of maple wood as well as a polyurethane coating. Such components and materials are known for promoting a high level of durability and smoother slides.

Also, the majority of skateboards today are constructed with up to seven plies of wood. It features a deck, wheels, and trucks. The deck is the specific part of the skateboard where you can stand on.

The usual deck used in most types of skateboards today come with a concave shape and upturned nose and tail. Such can give you full control over the movement of the board when you do your tricks.

Penny Board Explained

young boy and penny board

Penny board, on the other hand, is a common type of skateboard made of plastic. It is popular as a short-cruiser in the skateboarding industry. It consists of multiple different parts made separately. You can purchase it as a complete board, fully assembled one, or separately.

It should be noted that in comparison to the usual skateboards, penny boards are lighter in weight considering the fact that they are based on a plastic material. However, despite their lightness, there is still an assurance that they are strong. You can also find them in three deck sizes – the 22-inch, the 27-inch, and the 36-inch longboard (read more about longboard).

The fact that the penny board is available in various designs and colors is also one of the reasons why it is popular among young adults and teens. It has a plastic deck, which is available in different colors. It is also known for surviving a car’s full weight while also returning to its original shape and structure.

Nickel Board vs. Penny Original

The portability and lightness of the penny board are among the major reasons why it gains popularity among commuters and young riders today. If you plan to check this board out, though, you may get confused once you notice that it has two versions – the nickel board and the original.

The Differences between Penny Nickel and Penny Original

The original version of the penny board is constructed out of a sturdy polyurethane material, which will still most likely look new even if it slams directly to the curb. It is equipped with trucks that are around 3.125-inch wide as well as 59-mm penny wheels.

One of its major differences to the penny nickel is the board’s length. While the penny original comes with a 22-inch long board, the nickel is around 27-inch long. Furthermore, the penny nickel is known for having a wider deck when compared to the original.

It comes with 4-inch wide trucks – almost one inch wider in comparison to the original – so these can also fit the wide deck. What’s good about the original penny board is that it has a smaller deck, which allows it to fit in a backpack easily.

Such shorter size also makes it possible for you to win a battle between penny boards vs. nickel boards as far as turns are concerned. The fact that it comes with a short wheelbase is also a good thing as it makes the board easier to maneuver while also letting you weave in and out of huge crowds of people conveniently.

However, the nickel board is also beneficial considering the fact that its extra length can give more room so your feet can easily move and control the board. It comes with a bigger deck, too, allowing beginners to control it with ease.

The Proven Advantages of a Penny Board

nickel board vs. penny original

Now that you have an idea about what makes a penny board different from a skateboard and a nickel board, it is time to understand its benefits. What exactly is this type of board good for? Is it easy to ride? Is it better than a skateboard?

Another question that you might want to ask yourself is if it is more suitable for beginners, especially if you are still a newbie in the field of skateboarding. One thing you have to know about penny boards is that they are ideal for beginners who are looking for a portable and lightweight board designed for skateboarding.

Here are its proven advantages:

Portable and lightweight – The fact that it is portable and lightweight means that you can easily travel with it. You can easily fit it in your bag. It is also good for cruising and for performing regular skateboarding tricks. If you want to know whether it is good for beginners, then the answer is yes.

Works for beginners – A penny board is one of the best skateboards for beginners, especially for first-timers because you can easily take it around and roll for a while. In addition, the wheels are bigger when compared to the typical skateboard, making it easier for you to handle curbs and cracks.

With that, the board works well for carving and cruising.

Promotes stability at high speed – The penny board is also good for you if you want to achieve great stability when using it at high speed. Expect it to be less prone to speed wobbles. It is also known for having a truck with a better design or construction for cruising due to its axle angle and center of gravity.

If you plan to do more difficult tricks, though, you may find the penny board more challenging to handle as a beginner. Still, rest assured that once you get used to handling it, you can start performing cool skateboard tricks. With regular practice, you can get used to the smaller board and do your desired tricks.


As a form of skateboard, penny board is definitely a good choice if you want to master the art of skateboarding. Penny board vs. skateboard is quite a challenging topic to tackle because each one has its good sides and benefits.

However, if you want to know whether you should get a penny board or a typical skateboard, then it would be best to choose the former – the penny board. That’s specifically true if you are still new in this industry.

Once you master some cool tricks, though, you should look for the best skateboard, which is good for handling more difficult yet fun skateboarding tricks and movements.

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