Getting to Know the Different Types of Skateboards

Skateboards have come a long way from the time these were introduced to the public. During the early days of skateboarding, those who play it used steel and clay wheels. Back then, only a few options were provided for those who aimed to play the sport by flying on concrete.

Things are different these days, though, as you can now find different types of skateboards with each one performing its intended individual purpose. If you are still a beginner in skateboarding, then rest assured that you can find the best skateboard that is suitable for you.

Take a look at the different types of skateboards mentioned in this article so you’ll get an idea which one fits you best.

Newly Introduced Skateboards

Recently, there are different types of skateboards introduced to the public. What’s good about the new and modern skateboards is that they are equipped with advancements designed to make the sport more fun and exciting for you.

One of these skateboards is the OneWheel, which refers to a self-balancing electric skateboard developed by an engineer. It started as a kick starter but it is now a really popular option for those who would like to bring skateboarding to an even higher level.

There is also what we call as the stow board, which serves as the seamless example of the crossover between commuting and skateboarding. It can be defined as a foldable skateboard. The only difference between the stow board and a typical foldable skateboard is that it is commuter-friendly and looks a little cooler. You can fold it up into a small package then lock it into a bike rack.

Another modern skateboard that’s perfect for regular use is the Freebord. It is designed in such a way that it can stimulate snowboarding while you are on a pavement. It has wide G3 trucks, similar to what you can find on a longboard. The only difference is that it has an additional wheelset installed directly behind the trucks.

Such wheelset works in completely changing your ride. Expect freebords to be available in different sizes and shapes while also being offered with Canadian maple or bamboo decks.

Other Popular Types of Skateboards

Apart from the newly innovated and developed skateboards introduced earlier, it also pays to know about the other popular types of skateboards today. Knowing about them will let you pick the perfect one that will transform you from a beginner in skateboarding into a seasoned and experienced one:

#1. Freestyle Skateboard


If you are interested to try skateboarding, then one of the first skateboards you ought to try is the freestyle skateboard. Note that freestyle skateboarding refers to a skateboarding style, which requires you to incorporate tricks and footwork that you have to do on a flat ground.

It is even considered as the oldest style of skateboarding. It emphasizes doing technical flat ground skateboarding. In this case, you need more than just a smooth and flat surface, as well as a board. You will also require choreography and a good music to make a professional freestyle routine.

If you want to try this out, then you need to choose a skateboard with a deck that has a comfortable size. If you plan to focus more on flipping the board around, then choose a narrower and shorter board. However, if you wish to focus on footwork, then it would be best to go for a wide and longboard.

Also, take note that while small boards are easy to control, they also lack stability. Large boards, on the other hand, have stability but are quite difficult to control. Think about those things before choosing your board. As for the shape, it would be best to go for a regular street or freestyle deck.

#2. Slalom Skateboard


You can also try slalom skateboarding, which refers to a kind of downhill skateboard racing. It appeared during the 1960s and 1970s first but got back its popularity during the 2000s. As a slalom skateboard racer, you will need to skate down a course often marked with cones made of plastic.

You will need to finish the course at the fastest possible time while also knocking the least number of cones down. Each plastic cone actually comes with a penalty in the form of a specific amount of time added to your runtime.

Each time you hit a cone down, your time will increase based on the amount of time stated on the cone. It is ideal for you to look for the best slalom skateboards that can help you win this race. The good news is that most slalom skateboards are designed in a way that they increase your speed, traction, and turning.

They also come with wheels that are larger and softer than those found in typical skateboards. Such is beneficial in boosting the grip and speed of the wheels. The boards used here are also often longer than typical skateboards. They also have foam and carbon fiber cores as a means of making them stronger and more responsive.

#3. Downhill Skateboard

Downhill Skateboard

What you have to know about a downhill-oriented skateboard is that it promotes high speeds that you can get pretty quickly. With that, it is no longer surprising to see downhill skateboarding being referred to as a sport, which requires excellent skill and precision.

If you are planning to use the downhill skateboard, then take note that you will need to learn things, like sliding, drifting, air braking, and coming to a fast and full stop whenever it is needed. Also, take note that conditions may change really fast when you are riding downhill.

It is an advanced form of skateboarding, which is the main reason why you need to use a specialized equipment for it. Some of the best skateboards and longboards that you can use for downhill skateboarding are the drop-platform, top-mount, and the drop-through skateboards.

The decks used on the downhill skateboards are also usually stiff. In most cases, they come with a wheelbase, which is either small or medium in size ranging from 29 to 32 inches.

The board should also come with some form of concave to prevent your feet from slipping too far either backward or forward. The best downhill skateboard is also that with enough stability so you can move straight even if you are facing a terminal velocity.

#4. Vert Skateboard

Vert Skateboard

Vert skateboarding is another fun and exciting version of the sport. It actually refers to the act of riding your skateboard on vertical walls. In most cases, you will have to ride your skateboard on skate ramps or another incline.

It often requires you, the skateboarder, to transition from horizontal to the vertical plane as a means of performing certain skateboarding tricks. It should be noted that while this form of skateboarding offers a lot of fun and excitement, you need to be totally familiar with it before you try it out.

The first thing that you have to do is to learn the basics of simply riding a skateboard. Master the basics, including pushing, cruising, and carving. Also, invest in the best skateboard that is perfect for the job.

Note that the perfect skateboard ideal for skateboarding is that with a board set up on wheels that are at least 55mm large. The board should also come with a wide deck. Both the large wheels and large decks are essential for vert skateboarding as they are guaranteed to provide more stability.

#5. Street Skateboard

Street Skateboard

Street skateboarding, on the other hand, focuses more on transitions and tricks often done in public places. If you wish to be a street skateboarder, then note that you will most likely be skating in plazas, industrial areas, and urban streets.

You will also need to use picnic tables, park benches, handrails, guardrails, stairs, bins, planter boxes, and retaining walls that are not actually built purposely for the sport. If you are planning to take on this sport, then you also have to set up your board with a narrower than usual deck.

Furthermore, your street skateboard should come with wheels around 48-55 mm. With such deck and wheels, it will be much easier for you to flip the board then spin it faster, allowing you to perform your tricks conveniently. Ensure that the wheels are constructed out of polyurethane material with extreme hardness.

The sizes of the wheels should also be small to ensure that the board is lighter to carry while also ensuring that the inertia overcomes quicker, allowing you to make your tricks even more manageable.

Street skateboards often come in the shape of the freestyle boards but with a relatively narrow width and symmetrical shape.

#6. Park Skateboard

Park Skateboard

There is also what we call as the park skateboarding. It actually covers various sub-styles that those who often ride skateboards adopted when doing their tricks in parks purposely built for skateboarding.

A lot of skate parks today come with half pipes and quarter pipes and combine them with other features often present in vert skateboarding. The parks also have street obstacles, like rails and stairs. Including such elements into the skate parks produces a more fun and enjoyable skating experience.

If you are looking for a park skateboard, then take note that the best for you if you are below five feet and four inches is a board, which is 29-inch and below in length. If you are taller than that, though, then you have to use a board, which is at least 32 inches.

A large board is also a good thing as it provides a long wheelbase designed to improve its stability. In addition, it provides more room so your feet can land more effectively. As for the wheels of your park skateboard, consider those that are around 51 to 55 mm. They also need to have a hard durometer.

Also, take note that if you choose one with a small wheel, then you can break out your tricks faster while also letting you have a quick roll speed when doing your tricks on cement. You can also go for fast rolling wheels as they allow you to obtain more air and speed that can help you perform your tricks more successfully.

#7. Pool Skateboard

Pool Skateboard

Pool skateboarding is also another fun sport you ought to try. As the name suggests, it involves skateboarding on a pool. If you wish to try pool skateboarding, then take note that you need to look for a skateboard designed to ride pools, vertical ramps, and bowls.

The best skateboard for this is that, which is wide (around 8.5 inches in width). It is important to use a wide pool skateboard as it promotes more stability and control while also ensuring that your ride is smooth.

The additional width is also a good thing in increasing the lifespan of your board. Note that pool skateboarding requires you to deal with huge landings that might cause the board to take a beating so it needs to be wide enough to handle the pressure.

There should also be wheelbase around 15 to 18 inches. As for the shape, the ideal one for pool skateboarding is that, which is often designed for vert.

#8. Cruising Skateboard

Cruising Skateboard

Cruising, as far as skateboarding is concerned, also involves doing the sport on a skateboard which lets you travel as quickly as possible on skate parks, general-urban areas, and ramps without doing certain tricks or without touching surfaces or stopping.

It is a skateboarding style, which works perfectly for you, especially if you want to try something that is between skateboarding and longboarding. You need a skateboard, which is specifically designed for this purpose. In this case, it should be wider generally and should come with rubber wheels.

It is also important to pick a board, which is often used for general-purpose boarding, instead of pulling tricks.

#9. Off-road Skateboard

Off-road Skateboard

You can also try off-road skateboarding. It requires you to make use of a specially designed board that you can use almost everywhere, instead of just on a pavement. You can even use skateboards designed for off-road purposes to be perfect for use on gravel, hard-packed sand, and dirt.

What you have to do to is to get a regular skateboard then replace its wheels so it will be perfect for off-road skateboarding purposes. Replace its wheels with larger ones made of rubber to ensure that the skateboard will glide smoothly on various surfaces, such as dirt and grass.

You can also go for special off-road skateboards specifically designed for that purpose. It can handle more rugged terrains. The components of an off-road skateboard can also handle heavy-duty use particularly those on rough terrains.

One of the best features in this skateboard that you can’t find in typical ones is a brake, which is helpful in easily stopping when you are exposed to dangerous terrains. The presence of such feature makes the off-road skateboard ideal for use anywhere, such as when you roll over sticks, bumps, leaves, and other obstruction.


If you are still a beginner in the field of skateboarding, then you have to conduct a research about the different skateboards and skateboarding styles introduced here. This will give you an idea, which one works for you best. For beginners like you, the best skateboard is usually that with an average weight of around eight inches.

It would also be best for you to choose a wider skateboard if you’re still new in this field as such can offer better balance. However, take note that because it is quite wide, you may have a difficult time performing skateboarding tricks. It is still a good option, though, as there is a low risk that you will perform a trick at the moment when you are still learning the basics.

Wider skateboards made of plastic are also ideal for beginners who are still starting to learn the basics of skateboarding. However, as you progress, it would be best to invest in a slimmer skateboard, which also comes with a better surface grip. Also, choose the specific skateboarding style that you would want to master first.

I highly suggest trying the cruising skateboard first as it does not involve tricks yet. You can move on to more challenging skateboards and skateboarding styles as you master the tips and tricks of this sport. Do not forget to invest in the best skateboard that is really suitable for your needs so you will truly enjoy skateboarding.

Penny Board vs. Skateboard: Figuring Out Which One is Better

Skateboarding is one of the most exhilarating and fun sports anyone can try. If you are interested to learn this sport, then note that one of the things that you need is the skateboard.

In this case, you may start wondering about penny board vs. skateboard since you will most likely want to know which one is really good for you. Fortunately, this article is now around to guide you in determining the best skateboard or penny board for you.

Penny Board vs. Skateboard: The Final Say

Penny BoardSkateboard
AdvantagesConvenient because of its small sizeEasy to carry around
Highly portableInexpensive
Comes in various designsEasy to learn
Highly durableCan handle fun tricks
   DisadvantagesPurpose is quite limitedHeavier than penny board
A bit challenging to ride at firstMight tear up your shoe with constant use

Our Opinion

If you are looking for a board, which is ideal for commuting, then you might want to pick out the penny board. It is because its small size and lightweight nature make it portable. However, if you want to take on more challenges, then the skateboard is perfect for you. It’s the best for you if you want to do some tricks when skateboarding.

All About Skateboards

skateboarder in action

Skateboards refer to the sports equipment mainly used in the sport called skateboarding. It usually comes with a specially-designed board made of maple wood as well as a polyurethane coating. Such components and materials are known for promoting a high level of durability and smoother slides.

Also, the majority of skateboards today are constructed with up to seven plies of wood. It features a deck, wheels, and trucks. The deck is the specific part of the skateboard where you can stand on.

The usual deck used in most types of skateboards today come with a concave shape and upturned nose and tail. Such can give you full control over the movement of the board when you do your tricks.

Penny Board Explained

young boy and penny board

Penny board, on the other hand, is a common type of skateboard made of plastic. It is popular as a short-cruiser in the skateboarding industry. It consists of multiple different parts made separately. You can purchase it as a complete board, fully assembled one, or separately.

It should be noted that in comparison to the usual skateboards, penny boards are lighter in weight considering the fact that they are based on a plastic material. However, despite their lightness, there is still an assurance that they are strong. You can also find them in three deck sizes – the 22-inch, the 27-inch, and the 36-inch longboard (read more about longboard).

The fact that the penny board is available in various designs and colors is also one of the reasons why it is popular among young adults and teens. It has a plastic deck, which is available in different colors. It is also known for surviving a car’s full weight while also returning to its original shape and structure.

Nickel Board vs. Penny Original

The portability and lightness of the penny board are among the major reasons why it gains popularity among commuters and young riders today. If you plan to check this board out, though, you may get confused once you notice that it has two versions – the nickel board and the original.

The Differences between Penny Nickel and Penny Original

The original version of the penny board is constructed out of a sturdy polyurethane material, which will still most likely look new even if it slams directly to the curb. It is equipped with trucks that are around 3.125-inch wide as well as 59-mm penny wheels.

One of its major differences to the penny nickel is the board’s length. While the penny original comes with a 22-inch long board, the nickel is around 27-inch long. Furthermore, the penny nickel is known for having a wider deck when compared to the original.

It comes with 4-inch wide trucks – almost one inch wider in comparison to the original – so these can also fit the wide deck. What’s good about the original penny board is that it has a smaller deck, which allows it to fit in a backpack easily.

Such shorter size also makes it possible for you to win a battle between penny boards vs. nickel boards as far as turns are concerned. The fact that it comes with a short wheelbase is also a good thing as it makes the board easier to maneuver while also letting you weave in and out of huge crowds of people conveniently.

However, the nickel board is also beneficial considering the fact that its extra length can give more room so your feet can easily move and control the board. It comes with a bigger deck, too, allowing beginners to control it with ease.

The Proven Advantages of a Penny Board

nickel board vs. penny original

Now that you have an idea about what makes a penny board different from a skateboard and a nickel board, it is time to understand its benefits. What exactly is this type of board good for? Is it easy to ride? Is it better than a skateboard?

Another question that you might want to ask yourself is if it is more suitable for beginners, especially if you are still a newbie in the field of skateboarding. One thing you have to know about penny boards is that they are ideal for beginners who are looking for a portable and lightweight board designed for skateboarding.

Here are its proven advantages:

Portable and lightweight – The fact that it is portable and lightweight means that you can easily travel with it. You can easily fit it in your bag. It is also good for cruising and for performing regular skateboarding tricks. If you want to know whether it is good for beginners, then the answer is yes.

Works for beginners – A penny board is one of the best skateboards for beginners, especially for first-timers because you can easily take it around and roll for a while. In addition, the wheels are bigger when compared to the typical skateboard, making it easier for you to handle curbs and cracks.

With that, the board works well for carving and cruising.

Promotes stability at high speed – The penny board is also good for you if you want to achieve great stability when using it at high speed. Expect it to be less prone to speed wobbles. It is also known for having a truck with a better design or construction for cruising due to its axle angle and center of gravity.

If you plan to do more difficult tricks, though, you may find the penny board more challenging to handle as a beginner. Still, rest assured that once you get used to handling it, you can start performing cool skateboard tricks. With regular practice, you can get used to the smaller board and do your desired tricks.


As a form of skateboard, penny board is definitely a good choice if you want to master the art of skateboarding. Penny board vs. skateboard is quite a challenging topic to tackle because each one has its good sides and benefits.

However, if you want to know whether you should get a penny board or a typical skateboard, then it would be best to choose the former – the penny board. That’s specifically true if you are still new in this industry.

Once you master some cool tricks, though, you should look for the best skateboard, which is good for handling more difficult yet fun skateboarding tricks and movements.

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