11 Best Longboard Bearings – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews (Updated: 2020)

The best longboard bearings in the market are those that can help you enjoy a perfect and enjoyable ride each time. However, take note that not all longboard ball bearings you can find in the market are constructed in the same manner. You have to find out which one among them can provide you the highest level of satisfaction when you are riding it.

If you want the fastest longboard bearings that will let you enjoy a faster and speedier ride then gathering the most relevant information about how you can make the best choice is essential. Fortunately, this article, which can serve as your ultimate buying guide, is now around to guide you all throughout the selection process.

Best Longboard Bearings 2020 – A Comparison Table

Product NameMaterialsTolerances (ABEC ratings)
1. Bones Bearings REDS BearingsChromium steel balls & races, single, non-contact, and removable rubber, high-speed nylonSkate-rated clearances and tolerances
2. Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard BearingsHigh-speed nylon, stainless steel roller cageABEC-9
3. Heady Shake Pro Skateboard BearingsHigh-quality titanium, double-strengthened nylon retainer, single side sealed rubber shieldABEC-9
4. Fireball Dragon Precision BearingsSteelSkate-rated
5. Oldboy Premium Ceramic BearingsSuper hard ceramicN/a
6. Zealous BearingsSteel, ceramic, color-coordinated rubber sealsSkate-rated
7. Bones Bearings Super Reds Bearings
High-quality steel races, rubber shield, high-speed nylon ball retainerSkate-rated
8. Bones Ceramic Reds BearingsCerbec ceramic balls, rubber shield, high-speed nylon ball retainerSkate-rated
9. esKape 608-RS BearingsPlastic steel shieldsABEC-9
10. Bones Super Swiss 6 Competition Skate BearingsRubber shield, high-speed nylon ball retainerSkate-rated
11. Bones Swiss Ceramics Bearings
Cerbec ceramic balls, nylon ball retainerSkate-rated

Longboard Bearings Reviews

Best Overall: Bones Bearings REDS Bearings

Bones Bearings REDS Bearings

Bones Bearings REDS Bearings are considered by many as one of the best longboard bearings for cruising in the industry. Offered at a reasonable price, this is one of those bearings for longboard guaranteed to win the attention of the majority of potential users. Among the most noticeable features of these bearings manufactured by Bones are its super-finished and ground balls and races created out of stainless steel.

You will also notice the high-speed ball retainer constructed out of removable nylon used in the Bones Red. One of the reasons why many view this one as the best bearings today is the fact that it combines a skate-rated design with high-quality materials and components. Such combination makes the product capable of promoting a faster and smoother ride. The bearings are guaranteed to be long-lasting, too.

With its non-contact red rubber shield, you have an assurance that it is frictionless, keeping you safe once you make it a part of your longboard. The fact that this works as a skate-rated bearing is also a big advantage as it is manufactured in such a way that it can handle high impacts associated with hard landings. The high-speed nylon ball retainer works in boosting the strength and speed of the Bones REDS Bearings.

It comes pre-lubricated, too, which makes it more convenient for most of its users. Moreover, it is easy to clean and maintain. It is the kind of bearing that you should consider buying if you are one of those looking for one that you will never regret buying.

  • Reasonably priced while retaining the top-notch quality of the bearings
  • Comes with super-finished stainless steel balls and races that are sturdy enough
  • Features a skate-rated design, promoting a smooth and fast ride
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Guaranteed to be the best longboard bearings for speed and strength – thanks to its high-speed nylon ball retainer
  • Subpar packaging used

Runner-Up: Yellow Jacket Skateboard Bearings

Yellow Jacket Skateboard Bearings

Another great longboard bearing for cruising or any other purpose that anyone who is interested in buying should check out is this option from Yellow Jacket. One thing that makes these longboard bearings so promising is the fact that they spin really fast. Some of its users even say that they are happy with the way their longboard wheels spin longer and faster after installing these bearings. Another great advantage that the bearings can provide is their ability to minimize friction.

These longboard and skateboard bearings from Yellow Jacket also feature a seal designed to provide a weatherproofing ability to them. In other words, it is effective in fighting whatever harsh weather it is exposed to. It also takes pride in its ABEC-9 rating as it relates to its manufacturing tolerances. The bearings are also known for their high-speed and high-precision nature. You can expect them to be totally flexible as far as their application is concerned.

This means that the bearings work well not only in longboards and skateboards but also in rollerblades and inline skates among many others. The bearings are also manufactured in a way that they can give users a more precise and smoother riding experience. One more good point that impresses more users of these bearings is the fact that they are in the pre-lubricated form.

With that, you can expect the bearings to help you stay on the top speed while ensuring that there is minimal friction given off. You will also be impressed with the engraved color seals that can also prevent dust, rocks, and dirt from penetrating.

  • Helps the wheels spin faster and longer
  • Can minimize the risk of friction
  • Comes with a seal, which is mainly designed to weatherproof the bearings
  • Guaranteed to be high-speed, high-precision, and flexible
  • Offers a smoother and more precise riding experience
  • Operates a bit noisily

Best High-End: Heady Shake Pro Skateboard Bearings

Heady Shake Pro Skateboard Bearings

If your goal is to find bearings that promote an ultra-fast and smooth ride, then the high-end skateboard bearings from Heady Shake is a suitable option for you. The bearings are lubricated already using a special and unique lubricant, thereby ensuring that they run smoothly and quickly. It has an incomparable precision skate bearings design, which does not only make it long-lasting and durable but also promotes a high-spinning speed and quiet rotation. The result is its ability to offer a highly efficient level of support.

Another thing that leaves a good impression among various users is the versatility of the skateboard bearings. The versatility and flexibility of the bearings are instantly noticeable in their ability to handle various skates, such as longboards, kick scooters, skateboards, and roller and inline skates. The inline bearings also showcase their skate-friendly and sleek design. They even come with a waterproof sticker as well as highly dependable and sturdy skateboard spacers.

The quiet rotation of the bearings is also one of its strongest points. Aside from that, they boast of their high-spinning speed. They are stylish and sleek, so it is no longer surprising if you grab the attention of other people who are interested in skating and longboarding each time you use them. The price is also very reasonable. You will get quality bearings for a low price plus the company promises to give a 100% full money back guarantee.

  • Promotes an ultra-fast and smooth ride on all surfaces
  • Pre-lubricated bearings with the help of a special and unique lubricant
  • Long-lasting and durable considering the fact that it has an incomparable precision design
  • Flexible and versatile as the bearings are compatible with a wide range of applications
  • Boasts of a stylish, skate-friendly, and sleek design
  • Requires some time to break in

Fireball Dragon Precision Bearings

Fireball Dragon Precision Bearings

Another highly reliable product in this category is the Fireball Dragon Precision Bearings. What is impressive about these bearings is that fact that they are constructed for those who are serious about boosting their skateboard and longboard performance. It guarantees impressive precision tolerances, thereby ensuring that the bearings will run fast while also guaranteeing a flawless fitment. You will also be impressed with the fact that there is a light oil applied into the bearings. Such is a big help in significantly boosting the speed of the bearings.

You can also expect a bit heavier grease applied in other parts to further improve the longevity and durability of the bearings. Another thing that seems to leave a good impression among users is the fact that the bearings have two shields built in. You can find these shields on both sides. Such is helpful in protecting the bearings from the harsh elements. With that, you know that they will definitely last. The bearings are also good performers in terms of downhill riding as well as in handling the horizontal pressures associated with sliding.

The fierce preciseness of these longboard bearings is also unquestionable. They are manufactured with an impressive precision, which means that they are crafted finely to deliver utmost speed. The fact that they are available in size 608 also means that they are useful in a wide range of applications. Aside from being compatible with skateboards and longboards, the bearing also works well with roller skates, scooters, roller blades, spinners, and penny board. They also come equipped with fully removable cages and shields.

  • Uses high-quality and special lubricants to boost the speed of the bearings
  • Comes with two shields designed to protect the bearings from elements
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Can handle downhill riding
  • Compatible with a wide range of applications, like skateboards and rollers, as well as roller skates, scooters, penny skateboard, and roller blades, among many others
  • Quite slow during the first few uses but they just need to break in for a while

Best Ceramic: Oldboy Premium Ceramic Bearings

Oldboy Premium Ceramic Bearings

If you are greatly interested in the best ceramic longboard bearings, then this option from Oldboy is definitely a steal. One thing that is so good about these 8-piece set of ceramic longboard bearings is that they have heavy lubrication. The fact that they are heavily lubricated is actually a big advantage as such lubrication makes them capable of resisting drag. While you still need to break them in once they reach your hands through some rides, you can expect them to deliver a really good performance after that.

The pre-lubricated super hard ceramic balls are also designed in such way as a means of minimizing friction while preventing wear and tear at high speeds. It is a speedy and versatile set of bearings that are also compatible for long-distance cruising, bombing hills, and slalom skating. The ceramic material used in the bearings are also beneficial as they are not prone to rust. You also have an assurance that dirt does not easily scratch them. With that, you have a guarantee that your bearings will not get damaged due to rust and dirt.

Another thing that these longboard bearings guarantee is their ability to perform, like a real professional. You can expect them to give you a professional ride regardless of how hard and fast you ride. The heavy lube protection used in these longboard bearings also ensure that they do not experience wear and tear too fast. Such level of protection can also be expected to help in resisting potential damage caused by water and prevent the nylon bearing cage from the risk of getting cracked.

  • Can resist drag, thereby ensuring a smooth ride each time
  • Pre-lubricated balls can minimize friction and prevent wear and tear
  • Speedy and versatile, making it work on various rides and applications
  • Can prevent rust and dirt from damaging the bearings
  • Makes the nylon bearing cage long-lasting
  • Break-in period required

Zealous Steel Bearings

Zealous Steel Bearings

The Zealous Steel Bearings are also currently in the market to cater to the needs of those looking for a product in this category designed to work for skateboards and longboards. They are mainly constructed from steel but you can also expect them to showcase some green rubber material for the inner and outer seals. Such rubber sealing works in ensuring that debris, thane, and dirt stay out of the bearings. You will also love the fact that they are pre-lubricated using a long-lasting grease.

It makes use of a grease designed to get rid of friction while also minimizing the buildup of corrosion on the interiors. The bearings are also known for delivering a fantastically lower friction, which can is a major help in bringing their speed to an even higher level. One more remarkable and valuable fact about the bearings is the fact that they have speed rings and spacers already built in. This means that they can really provide good value for the amount you spent.

The built-in spacers and speed rings also prevent small parts from losing when you change the bearings or wheels. The built-in precision 8-mm axles integrated into these bearings are also known for fitting skateboard and longboarding trucks well. With that, you have an assurance that they can deliver a truly smooth and fast ride. These bearings are also available in a set of 8. Such number of pieces is more than enough to handle up to 4 wheels. It also guarantees a lower water washout as well as being corrosion-resistant.

  • Comes with a strong and sturdy steel construction
  • The inner and outer seals can prevent debris, thane, and dirt from penetrating.
  • Low amount of friction while capable of resisting corrosion
  • Can fit longboard and skateboard trucks well – thanks to its precision 8-mm axles
  • Guarantees a lower water washout
  • Produces some rattling sounds occasionally

Bones Bearings Super Reds

Bones Bearings Super Reds

Bones Bearings Super Reds are also among your top choices, especially if what you are looking for are the top longboards and bearings. It combines most of the qualities required for premium and superiorly performing bearings, including high-quality steel races, superior surface finish, and better-grade balls. With that, it is no longer surprising why they result in a truly fast, long-lasting, smooth, and quiet performance.

One of the most impressive benefits that anyone can expect to enjoy from the Bones Bearings Super Reds is the fact that they have the least amount of friction. It is mainly because of the non-contact, single, and removable shield made of rubber integrated into it. You also have an assurance of the speed and strength of these bearings. That is all thanks to the built-in ball retainer that is constructed out of high-speed nylon. What is good about these bearings from Bones is that they deliver an excellent performance and quality for such a low price.

Upon receiving the package containing the product, you will instantly love the fact that they are already lubed up. In addition, they already provide a speed cream, which you can use for your convenience. Aside from giving you a smooth and efficient ride, the bearings can also supply a lot of momentum whether you decide to go downhill or up. They also guarantee a commendable speed. The bearings are designed to be long-lasting, which is why you can’t expect them to wear out too soon.

  • Guarantees a fast, long-lasting, and smooth performance
  • Comes with the least amount of friction
  • Easy to maintain
  • Offered at a reasonable price while retaining their excellent quality and performance
  • Designed to be long-lasting, so expect the bearings not to wear out too soon
  • Cleaning it is a bit hard for some people.

Bones Ceramic Reds Bearings

Bones Ceramic Reds Bearings

The Bones Ceramic Reds Bearings are also among your best choices if you are looking for longboard bearings that perform well in the market. What is good about these specific bearings is that they are lightweight, making them easier to manage. Despite their lightness, you can still expect them to provide a speedy acceleration. It is mainly because of the fact that the built-in balls weigh lesser in comparison to the others.

Another impressive fact about the Bones Ceramic Reds Bearings is that they are capable of creating minimal friction. You can also expect them to ride faster whether you use lubricant or not. You will also most likely feel satisfied with the ceramic material used in these balls of the bearings. It is mainly because such ceramic balls are capable of polishing the steel races flat once again. With that, you can expect the ceramic balls to recover on their own considering the fact that they are harder when compared to steel.

In addition, the material is less prone to rust, giving it the chance to lengthen its life. Another great benefit provided by this product is that it is waterproof so even during harsh and wet conditions, it is still capable of performing well. This means that it is one of the best longboard bearings for rain.  The fact that it makes use of a removable rubber shield is also one of its strongest points as it guarantees that you can easily clean it up while maintaining less friction. The inclusion of a high-speed nylon ball retainer is also a big advantage as it makes the bearings speedy and strong.

  • Lightweight and easy to manage
  • Guarantees a speedy acceleration and minimal friction
  • Made of ceramic balls that are capable of polishing the steel races flat again
  • Known for being among the most reliable waterproof longboard bearings
  • Easy to clean plus guaranteed to be strong with its nylon ball retainer
  • Break-in period required

Best Cheap – esKape 608-RS Skateboard Longboard Bearings

esKape 608-RS Skateboard Longboard Bearings

If you are on a budget then you may want to consider the esKape 608-RS Skateboard Longboard Bearings as they are popular for being the best cheap longboard bearings you can find today. Even if offered at an inexpensive price, you will still feel glad to know that the longboard bearings can give real value considering the fact that they are high in quality plus there is a guarantee that they are capable of delivering a high level of performance once used for your skating and longboarding needs.

One impressive fact about these cheap longboard bearings is the fact that they are capable of working with all kinds of skateboards and longboards. Such ability to work with different boards just shows how versatile it is. It is sold in a set containing 8 pieces, which means that they can provide you with all the bearings that you need to run fast. Most users also experience utmost satisfaction with the speed lubricant used in the bearings as it is indeed useful in making them travel various surfaces fast.

The lube used is also a big help in boosting the durability and the overall performance of the bearings regardless of the terrain you use them to. The plastic steel shields of the bearings can also ensure that they will be fully protected from all the harsh elements that they are exposed to. It is an inexpensive set of bearings that are guaranteed to work based on how you want them.

  • Offered at an inexpensive price but without losing their quality
  • Performs well for all your skating and longboarding needs
  • Compatible with all kinds of skateboards and longboards
  • Runs fast and can handle various terrains
  • Receives full protection from the elements – thanks to its plastic steel shields
  • Creates a rattling sound at times

Bones Super Swiss 6 Skate Bearings

Bones Super Swiss 6 Skate Bearings

Bones Super Swiss 6 Skate Bearings are also among your best options if what you are looking for are fully functional and highly effective bearings that you can use on a wide range of applications. The balls used here are larger have the ability to roll a few times while going a similar distance. What is good about having bigger wheels is that these can also minimize the rolling friction of the bearings while still delivering a high speed.

These specific skate bearings also showcase a special and unique design as well as Swiss-quality materials. The combination of both is one of the reasons behind its quick acceleration and fast rolling ability. What’s more? The bearings are more capable of resisting the impact associated with skate trick landings. One of the things that a lot of users love about these bearings is their removable and non-contact rubber shield. It is no longer surprising as this shield truly works in terms of promoting ease of cleaning and minimizing friction.

The bearings also use a Bones speed cream for their pre-lubrication. This means that upon reaching you, it is possible for the bearings to let you enjoy a high level of speed with less drag because they are already pre-lubricated. The speed and strength of the bearings can also be attributed to their ball retainer constructed out of high-speed nylon material. The fact that the bearings have skate-rated clearances also means that they can tolerate the majority of harsh things that a user expose them to.

  • Can lessen the risk of rolling friction
  • Features a special and unique design that promotes quick acceleration and rolling ability
  • Can resist impacts, especially those associated with skate trick landings
  • Uses a speed cream to pre-lubricated the bearings
  • Skate-rated, making it capable of tolerating many things
  • Pricier than other bearings

Bones Swiss Ceramics Bearings

Bones Swiss Ceramics Bearings

The final product that we will recommend is the Bones Swiss Ceramics Bearing. This product is available in a set of 8 pieces. It has 8 ceramic wheel bearings and also comes complete with a sticker and four bearing spacers. Another advantage of these ceramics bearings is that aside from their premium quality, the package also includes clear instructions regarding how to put them together.

Another thing that is so impressive about the bearings is that the balls are constructed out of Cerbec ceramic. What is good about this material is that they are not only light but are also strong and hard. With such qualities, users are assured of the capability of the item to deliver a long-lasting performance. Choosing the Bones Swiss Bearings, therefore, will let you take a hold of bearings that will serve their intended purpose for several years.

Another thing that these ceramic bearings from Bones take pride in is their precision-grade Swiss design. Such design is not only unique but is also guaranteed to meet the requirements of most users. It has a longboard-friendly design so rest assured that it will never make you feel uncomfortable. In fact, it can help you enjoy your hobby even more. You will also feel satisfied with the combination of the speed cream lubricant and nylon ball retainers used in these bearings as they are guaranteed to give you a smooth and sustainable ride. It is a great performer, too, considering the fact that it is skate-rated.

  • Comes with clear instructions on putting the bearings together
  • Made of ceramic, which is lightweight and sturdy
  • Can serve its intended purpose for a really long time
  • Boasts of a unique and longboard-friendly Swiss design
  • Comes pre-lubricated with a speed cream lubricant
  • Some longboard users find the cost too high.

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What to Consider Before You Buy a Longboard Bearing

Choosing the best longboard bearing requires you to gather as much information as possible about the most reliable options that you have in the market. You also need to understand some of the major components and parts that go along with it. For instance, you also have to gain a full understanding of how to find the best wheels for longboards.

Furthermore, you need to gather as much information as possible about the best longboard brand and the most reliable longboard deck, so you can figure out what bearing specifically suits it. Your choice during your search for a fully functional longboard bearing can also be made easier if you keep in mind these important factors and points:

Tolerance Rating System

One of the most important things that you have to be aware of regarding longboard bearings is their tolerance rating system. In this case, an understanding of the ABEC rating system is crucial considering the fact that it serves as a measurement of tolerance as far as the bearings are concerned. In this case, you have to understand that tolerance, when referring to longboard bearings, can be described as the manner through which their components or parts fit together.

With that in mind, expect a good fit in between the parts and components of the bearings to guarantee their efficiency and smoothness. However, remember that high ABEC ratings do not instantly indicate that they are faster when compared to the others as such ratings only serve as one major feature of the product. There are also other factors that affect the speed, including the actual strength of the parts used in the bearings, the load, as well as the kind of lubricants that the manufacturers use.

Still, it would be ideal to go for bearings with higher ABEC ratings as they are also known for using better lubes. The quality of the materials used in the bearings is also most likely top-notch. Such qualities are crucial, especially if you want your bearing to perform well for a long time regardless of the kind of environment you decide to expose it to. Just make sure that you do not instantly assume that the bearings work better just by basing it on the rating on the ABEC scale alone.

Aside from the ABEC rating, you will also notice that some brands and models of longboard bearing use the term skate-rated. It should be noted that the skate-rated bearings are different from those rated using the ABEC scale. In most cases, the longboard bearings known as skate-rated are more capable of handling various skateboarding environments, no matter how harsh they are.

Ball Material

Aside from gathering as much information as possible about the rating system used for skateboard and longboard bearings, you also need to know more about the specific materials used in the balls. In this case, two of your most popular options are the steel and ceramic. Note that the balls are among the major components of your chosen longboard bearing. They are also responsible for the rolling ability of the bearing. With that in mind, you really have to choose which material can give you the most benefit.

Ceramic is actually preferred by many of the skateboarding and longboarding enthusiasts because of its stronger and smoother nature in comparison to the standard steel. However, take note that it is also more expensive. Also, remember that there are three ceramics that are often found in ball bearings – the zirconium dioxide, the silicon nitride, and the silicon carbide.

If you are thinking of investing in a harder ceramic material then go for the silicon nitride as it is known to be the toughest and the hardest among the three. It is also the most commonly used ceramic, especially in hybrid longboard bearings. One thing that you have to remember is that the ceramic material here only describes the balls. As far as the races are concerned, you can expect them to be constructed out of steel, which is why experts use the “hybrid” term.

Steel, on the other hand, is popular for its elasticity and ductility. With such an elastic and ductile nature, it is no longer surprising to see it has the ability to retain its natural and original shape even after you have applied loads to it. One of the major advantage of steel bearings, especially when you compare it to those constructed out of steel, is the fact that they can resist corrosion and rust. However, take note that there are certain applications that require you to use bearings constructed out of ceramic material.

Longboard Bearing Size

Another of the most important consideration in your search for a really reliable longboard bearing is its size. Note that your options, in this case, include the standard 608 and the non-standard sizes. Remember that in the field of longboarding and skateboarding, the standard 608 bearing size is considered as the standard. Generally, it comes with an 8-mm bore, which is the specific place where the axle can be found. It also has a 7-mm thickness and 22-mm outer diameter.

Many opt for bearings with the standard 608 size as it is known to be compatible with the majority of the skateboard brand wheels today. You can also expect this standard size to keep the price of the longboard bearings down. Though rare, you can also find longboard bearings of non-standard sizes. These differ from the standard 608. You can also find smaller ones that tend to require an additional sleeve as a means of matching the outer diameter of the 608.


One more thing that you have to give a lot of attention when searching for the most reliable longboard bearings in the market is the lube that you can use for the products. Note that it is important for the users of the bearings to choose lubricants that are capable of minimizing as much friction as possible. It is because such minimal friction is a major help in ensuring that the longboard will perform at its best. In this case, you often have a couple of options. There is the speed cream while you can also find the nano-ceramic grease.

It should be noted, though, that the choice of lubricant is actually dependent on the preference of longboard riders. The goal here is to find a lubricant, which works the best for you. Also, take note that various lubricants are also capable of working better for a wide range of bearings. With that in mind, you can’t actually fully generalize the bearings and the lube used in each one of them. You really have to find the right fit.


Another important factor that should play a vital role in your final decision is whether or not the longboard bearing you are planning to buy is already pre-lubricated. If possible, choose a longboard bearing, which is already lubricated initially as this can help improve its effectiveness and performance. You should still remember, though, that despite being pre-lubricated, you will need to lubricate the bearings yourself eventually. This is crucial in its proper maintenance.

In this case, you also have to figure out which one among the lubes in the market can help you enjoy the best performance of your bearings. Aside from the pre-lubrication, it is also a must to check whether the bearings are easy to install. This is one of the most crucial parts of selecting the ideal bearings for your longboard. Ensure that you will not have a difficult time installing it. The whole installation process should be quick and easy.


Spacers are also among the most vital factors that should play a major role in your final decision. Note that the spacers are also among the most crucial parts of the bearings. It is mainly because they offer the support that the bearings need. They play a major role in ensuring that they deliver a speedy and excellent performance while also remaining stable. In addition, it is also crucial in ensuring that the system does not get too lose.

While you can’t find a standard size for the spacers, you should keep in mind that they are crucial for bearings. With that in mind, you should never buy a bearing for your longboard without thinking about the corresponding spacer. In most cases, this item measures around half an inch. That should serve as a pretty good basis in selecting the most reliable spacers for your bearings.


Another thing that you have to keep in mind is the specific style used in the longboard bearings. Note that in most cases, the bearings hold the same construction in between all its styles. Generally, it is equipped with an inner and outer race capable of holding the retainer with up to 7 ball bearings. A removable rubber shield also caps it off, which is a major help in protecting the bearings. Other bearings, on the other hand, come with a metal shield that seals them. Note, however, that in this case, the shield is not the removable type.

As for the balls, remember that different materials were used for them. The most commonly used ones, as mentioned in the earlier parts of this short buying guide section, are ceramic and steel. You just have to find out which between the two can give you the highest level of satisfaction. Also, remember that aside from the mentioned two, there are also other materials used for the bearings, although they are just rare. These include tungsten.

Longboard Bearing Components

It is also necessary for you to gain a full knowledge about the specific components that form part of the longboard bearing. Such knowledge is crucial in ensuring that you won’t end up getting confused during the selection process. One vital component that should be present in the bearing is the C-ring. It actually refers to the thin ring, which fits into a groove that you can find on the outer part of the bearing. It is designed in such a way that it can securely lock the shield.

The outer and the inner rings are also important in the bearing. The outer ring specifically refers to the round exterior constructed out of metal material that all other bearing components fit into. The inner ring, on the other hand, is the small ring made of metal, which fits inside the outer ring. It is crucial because the axles use it to fit through each time the wheel or the bearing setup slides into the axle.

Another major component that should never be absent in any longboard bearing is the shield. This is essential because it functions in such a way that it can prevent any dirt from penetrating into the bearings. The balls that are often either made of steel or ceramic are also vital components because they are helpful in ensuring that the basing of the bearing spin around them. Other parts that should be present in the bearing are the ball retainer and the rubber seal. Ensure that all these parts are present as they can help ensure that the bearings will perform at their best.


Finding the best longboard bearings in the market can be difficult for those people who are still unsure what they should choose. However, for those who are fully aware of the ins and outs of these products, spotting the most reliable ones will be made much easier. Your goal is to figure out which one performs well and can satisfy your needs the most.

If your goal is speed then ensure that you make your choice accordingly. Find out which among the bearings in the market are known to be truly speedy and can give you the fastest ride. You also need to make sure that they perfectly fit your longboard whether what you own are longboards for beginners or for advanced users.

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