Best Skateboard Wheels 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Shopping for the best skateboard wheels is a lot easier if you arm yourself with relevant information about how these wheels work. You need a reliable buying guide, such as this article, to give you an idea of what exactly you should look for. Note that the wheels are available in various shapes, level of hardness, sizes, and other features designed to meet your skateboarding style.

With that in mind, you really have to find good skateboard wheels that are suitable for you. Fortunately, this article is now around to make choosing skateboard wheels a much easier and more manageable process for you.

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Why are Skateboard Wheels Made of Polyurethane?

The best skate wheels are usually those constructed out of polyurethane material. You may be wondering what’s so special about the material and what makes it really ideal for wheels designed for skateboards. One reason is that polyurethane is known for being a sturdy and versatile synthetic material.

The material has a rubber-like grip when it comes in contact with the pavement, which expands the potential of your skateboard in terms of ways to use it. It does not also easily break when it gets exposed to impact due to its high tensile strength. With that, you can easily use the wheels to go over cracks.

In addition, polyurethane is a material, which can be constructed using various levels of hardness. Such will have an effect on the way your longboard or skateboard slides, as well as the traction and length of the slides. Another reason why polyurethane is used for skateboards wheels is that it has an excellent ability to resist tears and abrasion.

It is also known for being impact-resistance, and for its high load-bearing capacity and impressive wear properties. Furthermore, it is lightweight, strong, abrasive, which is a good thing when it comes to sliding, and flexible.

How to Choose the Skateboard Wheels?

Picking the best out of the many skateboard wheels might be confusing as you have numerous options. However, you can simplify the selection process by taking into consideration these valuable factors:


The diameter of the wheels is really an important factor in your buying decision. It is often measured in millimeters (mm). Note that the lower the diameter is in terms of its figure, the smaller the wheel is. If you opt for small wheels, then expect them to give you a slower ride. Bigger wheels, on the other hand, are known to be faster.

Also, the diameter has a major impact on the speed of acceleration as well as the tightness of your turn. If you plan to use your short board to do technical tricks, then consider going for wheels with smaller diameter. If you are planning to ride on longboards and cruisers, then go for larger ones as such can provide you your required balance and speed.

Furthermore, you have to take into consideration your present weight and height as both also have an impact on the perfect size or diameter of wheels for you. In most cases, the diameter of the skateboard starts at around 48 mm. It could reach more than 60 mm (in fact, up to 75 mm for some). You have to make your choice based on what you think suits the needs of your skateboard and your riding style the most.

The most common skateboard wheel diameter actually includes those that fall within the 52-56 mm range. If you prefer small and slower wheels then you can go for those that are within the 50-53 mm range. They work well for smaller riders and trick riding. The 54-59 mm range, on the other hand, is considered to be the average size of wheels for bigger riders as well as for beginners.

If you are looking for wheels designed for rougher surfaces, though, then choose one with at least a 60-mm diameter. Such is known for its excellent speed. It is also suitable for specialty riders, dirt boards, downhill, and old-school boards.

1. Picking the right size wheel for your truck

Once you are aware of the diameter, it’s also necessary for you to understand how you can pick the right size of wheel for the truck. Note that the skateboard trucks are categorized into three – with each one having its own requirement as for the wheel size. These are:

  • Low Trucks – These trucks are known for providing additional stability in case you want to perform flip tricks. The perfect wheels for them are those that are smaller in size. In this case, it would be best to go for those that are around 50 to 53 mm.
  • Mid/Standard Trucks – These trucks boast of their perfect all-around profile designed for use on concrete parks and streets. In this case, you have to go a bit higher in size than the low trucks. That said, the recommended wheel size for mid/standard trucks are those that are within the 53-56 mm range.
  • High Trucks – High trucks are perfect for you if you are into carving and cruising. With that in mind, you will be needing large wheels for your high trucks. In this case, the most recommended size of wheels for you are those that are at least 56 mm in diameter.
The truck profile can actually be defined as the distance between the bottom part of the skate’s deck as well as the hanger. Generally, the majority of skateboarders can thrive with mid-sized or standard trucks. However, you can also choose low or high trucks for various skating styles.

2. Suggested sizes based on your deck

Aside from the trucks, it is also crucial for you to be aware of the size skateboard deck as such will also help you determine the perfect diameter of wheels for it. The skate deck actually refers to the flat board where you are standing on once you decide to skate. The skateboard deck actually differs in terms of width. In most cases, the range is around 7.5 to 8.25 inches.

The specific width you need is actually dependent on your shoe size, skateboarding style, personal preference, and height. In this case, here are some of the actual sizes of skateboard decks and the recommended diameter of wheels for them.

  • 7.5 to 8.0-inch decks – Such decks are usually considered as the standard for adult riders who want to ride street and do more technical tricks. In this case, the best wheels for the deck would be those that are around 48 to 58 millimeters.
  • 8.0 to 8.25-inch decks – You can expect these decks to work well on parks, rails, ramps, and skating pools. If your skate deck has such width, then you will need larger wheels than the previous one. The most recommended size for the wheels would be 52 to 60 millimeters.
  • 8.25 to 8.5-inch decks – These decks are suitable for riders who have bigger feet as well as those who are taller. They also work well on pool and park riding. Such decks require you to use wheels that are at least 54 mm in diameter. Max wheel diameter would be 60 mm.
  • More than 8.5-inch decks – This deck works well for cruising, half-pipe and mini-ramps. If your deck is at least 8.5 inches in width, then you will most likely need wheels that are at least 58 mm.
If you want to get really perfect wheels at the right diameter that will perfectly match the hardware, trucks, and deck of your skateboard, then you may also want to try custom building it.


Another important factor that will surely have an impact on deciding the perfect skateboard wheels for your case is the durometer or hardness of the wheel. Durometer is actually the term for the instrument or scale used in measuring the hardness of the wheel. Several manufacturers make use of the Durometer A Scale, which is known to be a 100-point scale. Such scale works in calculating how hard the wheel is.

It should be noted that higher number also indicates a higher level of hardness for the wheel. The average durometer for skateboard wheels is around 99a. There are also manufacturers who use the B Scale. It tends to measure twenty points lower while also letting the scale gain an additional twenty points for hard wheels.

In general, many prefer harder wheels as they are known to be faster. However, softer wheels, despite being slower, are also beneficial considering the fact that they provide more grip than the harder ones. Soft wheels are suitable for street skaters while the harder ones are ideal for smooth surfaces, like skate parks.

To further give you an idea of how durometer works, check out these general guidelines:

  • 78a to 87a – Skateboard wheels with this durometer are known to be soft. Such softness makes them ideal for street boards, longboards, and rough surfaces. They also work well for boards that require plenty of grip, especially when you plan to roll over pebbles and cracks. Wheels with this durometer are suitable for longboards, smooth ride, rough surfaces, hills, and cruising.
  • 88a to 95a – In comparison to the previous scale, this range is known to be a bit faster and harder. It still has a good grip although it is slightly lower when compared to the previous one. Such wheels are ideal for rough surfaces and streets.
  • 96a to 99a – Known to be all-around good wheels considering their excellent grip and impressive speed. It works well for beginners, as well as for smooth surfaces, pools, ramps, skate parks, and skating streets.
  • At least 101a – Wheels marked with this durometer are known to be the hardest and the fastest. The problem is that it also has the least amount of grip. It is not effective on rough and slick surfaces. It only works well for advanced and professional users.
  • 83b to 84b – Those wheels that use the B scale are known to be extremely hard. They measure twenty points lower when compared to the A scale. It is to give the scale the chance to extend twenty more points in case of really hard wheels.

Contact Patch

Another important factor that can help you decide on the best skateboard wheels is the contact patch. It is a vital feature of the wheels considering the fact that it serves as the contact surface that has a great impact on the manner through which you skate. In fact, it can affect the overall performance of the wheel. The contact patch actually defines the specific area of the wheel, which comes in contact with the pavement.

If you are using large longboard wheels, then there is also a great chance for the contact patch to be large. A larger contact patch tends to distribute your entire body weight over a huge area. The result is that it slows down the wheels. Because of that, a lot of manufacturers make it a point to round the skate wheels’ edges, making them lighter while also promoting more ease when they are rotating.

You have to know that the shape of the wheel has a major impact on the size of the contact patches. If you use rounded wheels, then there is a great possibility for them to have less contact with the pavement. You can also choose to use square wheels. In this case, expect them to have the maximum level of contact with the pavement. Also, take note that the actual placement of the patch has a major impact on the overall performance of the wheel.

Furthermore, wider contact patch means a less progressive slide and more grip. That’s what you have to remember when taking the contact patch into consideration once you start choosing skateboard wheel.

Top Wheel Brands for Skateboards

Choosing longboard or skateboard wheels for speed and performance is actually possible if you are familiar with the most reliable brands in this category today. Fortunately, you now have access to this buyers guide designed to inform you about the best wheel brands today.

Actually, several options for skateboard brands abound in the market – most of which you can buy from Amazon. One of the most famous brands of skateboard wheels is Ricta. The brand takes pride in its 78a skateboard wheel, which continues to garner good reviews from the public.

There is also the Mini-Logo Skateboards. Two of the most popular models of skateboard wheels from Mini-Logo are their A-Cut and their C-Cut wheels. Another impressive and reliable brand is Spitfire. Among the best Spitfire wheels worthy of positive recognition are the Spitfire Formula 4 101d, Spitfire Bighead, and the Spitfire Classic Series.

Other brands that you may want to check out are the OJ Wheels, Shark Wheel, Powell-Peralta, Santa Cruz Skate, and Bones Wheels. This review article and buying guide also tackles other reputable brands, like the Everland, Penny Skateboards, Pig, Blood Orange, Wonnv, and Autobahn. It is up to you to decide which among these brands can offer you a wheel with most, if not all, of the features you need.

If you are offering it as a gift, then you can always give someone gift cards so he/she can choose from the brands based on his/her own preference

18 Best Skateboard Wheels on the 2020 Market (Tested and Reviews)

#1. Ricta Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheel

Ricta Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheel

One of the skateboard wheels that those who love the sport should check out is the Ricta Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheel. Being on the 78a scale, it is a wheel that rolls quickly yet smoothly. It has soft urethane along with a tough and solid core.

With its modern shape, you will definitely feel proud taking it anywhere you want. It can even make rough surfaces feel really smooth. These Ricta wheels are also very easy to use considering the fact that they are not bulky nor heavy.

You can expect the wheel to work well for cruising and filming. It also comes in white with an attractive blue and raised detail. The fact that it is a soft or smooth wheel is also an advantage because it gives you your desired level of grip and traction.

The wheel does not move as silently as the others, though, but rest assured that it still produces manageable noise, not the annoying one.

  • Features a soft urethane together with a tough and solid core
  • Boasts of a modern shape
  • Not bulky nor heavy, making it easy to use
  • Ideal for cruising and filming
  • Provides the right grip and traction
  • Does not roll as quietly as the others

#2. Best Wheels for the Street – Mini-Logo Skateboards A-cut 101A Skateboard Wheel (56mm)

Mini-Logo Skateboards A-cut 101A Skateboard Wheel (56mm)

The second highly recommended product in this review is the Mini-Logo Skateboards A-cut 101A Skateboard Wheel. Many consider it as one of the best wheels for the street. The Mini-Logo wheels boast of a really high rebound formula, which allows it to deliver a more impressive performance than other professional wheels in the market today.

It also makes use of the long-lasting and durable urethane, making it deliver a professional and excellent performance. Since it is an A-cut wheel, it is really ideal for you if you want to skate street. The cut means that it can handle all terrains.

That said, expect it to be effective in handling various surfaces because of its wider cut. The set of wheels provided by this brand is also treaded, improving their traction and grip, especially on smooth surfaces. With its 101a durometer, it is hard enough for advanced skating.

It can also handle flat spots that might be triggered by excessive sliding due to soft wheels. Since it is a hard wheel, you will notice that it is lacking in grip when compared to the Rictas skateboard wheels mentioned earlier.

  • Ideal for street skating
  • Boasts of a high rebound formula
  • Made of long-lasting and durable urethane
  • Capable of handling all terrains – thanks to its a-cut
  • Can handle flat spots
  • A bit lacking in grip

#3. Best Wheels for Rough Roads and Terrains – Santa Cruz Slime Ball Vomits Skateboard Wheels (60mm 97a)

Santa Cruz Slime Ball Vomits Skateboard Wheels (60mm 97a)

Santa Cruz Slime Ball Vomits Skateboard Wheels (60mm 97a) are also among those wheels that definitely look cool. It is designed uniquely with its original molds, urethane formula, logo, and war paint graphics.

It boasts of its wide wheel profile, which is actually a good thing as it provides a reasonable amount of stability and traction at high speed. The fact that it is smooth is also a good thing as it means that it has minimal surface friction when you compare it to the treaded wheels. In addition, it is much easier to slide.

Being one of the best off-road wheels, the 97a durometer of this wheel also makes it versatile and useful for rough roads and terrains, like metal ramps, pools, ditches, and craggy streets. It is also good for beginners who are still on the stage of gaining the control that’s often needed for harder wheels.

Some users complained about the subpar quality of the graphics paint, though.

  • Looks cool and unique
  • Features a wide wheel profile, providing more than enough traction and stability
  • Minimal surface friction
  • Versatile and useful for rough roads and terrains
  • Works well for beginners
  • Quality of the graphics paint is a bit subpar

#4. Powell Peralta Rat Bones Skateboard Wheels

Powell Peralta Rat Bones Skateboard Wheels


You may also find the Powell Peralta Rat Bones Reissue Skateboard Wheels among the best skate wheels today. It works well for cruising and skate parking. It is an impressive wheel, which is a great way to showcase your skateboarding skills at the park.

It is also known for its impressive stability and traction even if used at high speed – that’s all thanks to the wide wheels. With that, there is a lower risk for you to slip out. The wheels work fast yet smoothly, too.

Another advantage that you will surely love about the Rat Bones Reissue Skateboard Wheels from Powell Peralta is their ability to ride impressively on urban terrains. It is also known to be easy to maneuver and totally responsive. It promotes a quicker ride when compared to softer wheels while also handling more aggressive slides and cuts.

It works great for longboards and penny board, too. One problem, though, is that it is quite small for doing some tricks.

  • Ideal for cruising and skate parks
  • Boasts of its great stability and traction
  • Works quickly yet smoothly
  • Easy to maneuver while also being totally responsive
  • Can handle more aggressive slides and cuts
  • Some find it too small for performing some other tricks

#5. Best Wheels for All Terrains – Spitfire Formula 4 101d White W Red Skate Wheels (53 mm)

Spitfire Formula 4 101d White W Red Skate Wheels (53 mm)

You will not also regret the Spitfire Classics, which comes in the form of the brand’s Formula 4 101d White W Red Skate Wheels. It comes with a standard wheel profile. While such classic wheel shape is incapable of excelling in certain scenarios, you can still expect it to be appropriate in the majority of situations.

It makes use of Formula 4 urethane, which provides excellent abrasion resistance in case of flat spots. Such also provides the wheel with a kind of grip, which you can control. It is also possible for it to provide a lasting speed regardless of the terrain.

The good thing about the wheel is that it provides a smooth anti-slick slide. It boasts of its 53 mm diameter as well as its smoothness, allowing it to provide minimal surface friction. It does not work that well as an indoor wheel, though.

  • Features a standard and classic wheel profile and shape, making it suitable for almost all situations
  • Abrasion-resistant, thereby preventing flat spots – that’s all thanks to the use of Formula 4 urethane
  • Provides a controllable grip
  • Offers a lasting speed no matter what terrain you expose it to
  • Comes with minimal surface friction
  • Not compatible as an indoor wheel

#6. Bones Wheels STF V5 Annuals White Skateboard Wheels

Bones Street Tech Formula (STF) Skateboard V4 Wheels

What’s so good about the Bones STF Skateboard V5 Wheels is that they make use of the Street Tech Formula (STF), which helps ensure that the product will contain only components of top-notch quality. Such Street Tech Formula allows it to deliver an impressive performance, especially on the streets.

This set of wheels is designed to be hard and fast while also working well for slides. It is also known for having a high rebound, allowing it to have a high level of speed while also boosting its slide capabilities. The wheel does that while retaining the wheel’s resistance to flat spotting.

It features a wide wheel profile, which is actually a good thing as when you are using it for high speed, it’s possible for it to provide you with great stability and traction. The wheels are treaded, too, thereby improving its traction and grip, especially when they come in contact with smooth surfaces.

Some users find the Bones STF Street Tech Formula Wheel a bit too wide, though.

  • Makes use of STF, making it deliver an impressive street performance
  • Hard and fast, making it work well for slides
  • Features a high rebound, further improving its speed and slide capabilities
  • Resists flat spotting
  • Provides great stability, traction, and grip
  • A bit too wide for some users

#7. Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels (52 mm)


Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels (52 mm)

You can also take advantage of the Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels with a 52-mm diameter. It comes in a set of 4 wheels, all of which are known to be high-grade while also being built to last.

It boasts of its 99a hardness or durometer. Such durometer makes it work well on parks and pools while also providing a bit more grip when you compare it to even harder wheels. It also offers a bit more slide when compared to extremely soft wheels.

These 52-mm skateboard wheels can offer you a really smooth ride whether you use it on the park or street. Spitfire Bighead works well for riders with moderate skills who are also planning to skate street when necessary. The wide wheel profile that it offers is the reason behind its impressive stability and traction.

One possible downside of Bighead Skateboard Wheels is that it is quite hard to install the bearings into the wheels.

  • High-grade wheels that are built to last
  • Ideal for use on parks and pools
  • Offers more grip when compared to harder wheels and provides more slide when compared to soft wheels
  • Good for riders with moderate skills
  • Impressive stability and traction – thanks to its wide wheel profile
  • Bearings are a bit hard to install on it

#8. Best Square Skateboard Wheels – Shark Wheel 60 mm 78a California Roll


Shark Wheel 60 mm 78a California Roll

One of the most prominent features of Shark Wheel 60 mm 78a California Roll is its sine-wave shaped. Such shape of these Shark wheels can be expected to move more speedily when compared to the others. It is also possible for them to handle rough roads and terrains even better than other wheels.

It boasts of its excellent slide control. In addition, it also performs well when used for cruising. Expect the wheels to look square once they start rolling. It is because it makes use of a new hybrid shape, which you will notice in between a cub and sphere.

Another advantage of the wheel is that it guarantees a smooth riding experience as well as a quiet ride. It even delivers a good performance on uneven surfaces, like on rugged terrains, grass, dirt, and cobblestones. It can even handle water, so rest assured that it’s one of the best wheels for rain. It is also suitable for longboards.

Some find it pricier than other wheels, though.

  • Features a sine-wave shape, allowing it to move speedily
  • Can handle rough roads and terrains
  • Boasts of its impressive slide control as well as its ability to handle cruising
  • Offers a smooth riding experience and quiet ride
  • Suitable for use on longboards
  • A bit pricey

#9. Best Wheels for Cruising – Spitfire Classic Series High-Performance Wheel

Spitfire Classic Series High-Performance Wheel

The Spitfire Classic Series also continues to wow the public with its High-Performance Skateboard Wheels. It boasts of a genuine 99 hardness or durometer in its overall construction. These cruising wheels are also well-engineered, so there’s an assurance that they perform excellently while also lasting longer.

It boasts of its nice grip. It has the right balance of softness and hardness. That said, rest assured that it is soft enough that it does not produce too much noise when you use it while still having enough hardness for you to perform your tricks.

It works excellently for cruising, too. Another advantage is its flawless shape as well as its ability to resist corrosion. You also have an assurance that it provides a good grip, especially when used on slick and slippery surfaces. The nice graphics of the wheel tend to wear out faster than expected, though.

  • Well-engineered wheels, providing excellent performance and durability
  • Nice grip while also boasting of a great balance of softness and hardness
  • Does not produce too much noise
  • Hard enough to let you perform tricks while also working very well for cruising
  • Boasts of its flawless and nice shape
  • Graphics tend to wear out too fast

#10. Everland 65x51mm Skateboard Wheels

Everland 65x51mm Skateboard Wheels

Another wheel designed for skateboards and longboards that you should check out is the Everland 65x51mm Skateboard Wheel. It appears really attractive, especially at the first time you see it. It boasts of its sleek design while also being available in different colors.

One more thing that makes this wheel beneficial is its strength. Rest assured that it is strong enough that it is capable of handling cornering and flipping. Made of polyurethane material, you have some sort of assurance that it has an excellent grip as well as shock-absorption ability.

It is also good for you, especially if you skate frequently. In addition, it is known to be fairly hard considering its 99a durometer. It comes equipped with nice skateboard bearings and spacers, too. Furthermore, it works with minimal noise while also taking pride in its adequate control and balance.

The problem with the wheel is that it tends to have a weird chemical smell when it is still new.

  • Looks attractive
  • Boasts of its sleek design while also being available in multiple colors
  • Strong enough to handle cornering and flipping
  • Made of shock-absorbent and durable polyurethane
  • Equipped with bearing spacers
  • Comes with a chemical smell during first use

#11. Best Wheels for Tricks – Bones Wheels 100’s Assorted Colored Wheels


Bones Wheels 100’s Assorted Colored Wheels

Another product from the Bones Wheels guaranteed to impress you is its 100’s Assorted Colored Wheels. Considering the fact that it comes in assorted colors, you will definitely enjoy your few options.

What’s good about these wheels is that they are not only speedy and hard but also versatile. In fact, they are versatile enough that they are ideal for all kinds of skating. The urethane material used in the wheel is also beneficial as it can resist flat spots.

The wheel is compatible in almost all situations considering the fact that it has a classic wheel shape and standard wheel profile. The 100a hardness or durometer of this product from Bones Wheels also means that it is considered to be one of the hardest in the category.

It can, therefore, handle advanced skating and various tricks. It can also withstand flat-spotting. One problem that you might encounter is that Bones Wheels 100s is quite too rough during the first use, causing the need to break it down a bit.

  • Available in different colors, giving you plenty of options
  • Compatible in almost all kinds of situations – thanks to its classic wheel shape and standard wheel profile
  • Can handle advanced skating and various skate tricks
  • Capable of resisting flat spots
  • Versatile
  • Quite rough at first so you have to break it in

#12. Best Cheap Skateboard Wheels – Mini-Logo Skateboards C-Cut Skateboard Wheel (53mm 101A)

Mini-Logo Skateboards C-Cut Skateboard Wheel (53mm 101A)

You will also find the C-Cut Skateboard Wheel from Mini-Logo Skateboards as one of your best options. It boasts of its really high rebound formula, making it capable of providing a high level of speed and traction. It also performs well with its long-lasting and high-rebound urethane material.

I find it impressive, too, because considering its quality, it is still offered at a reasonable price. It features a C-cut, which makes it ideal for technical street skating. It is also designed for professional riders – that’s what you can expect from its skinnier wheel profile and hard durometer scale.

It has treaded surfaces that are guaranteed to give a good grip when used on smooth surfaces. The problem with the wheel is that it has a narrow profile, so it is not that compatible for beginners and for intermediate riders.

  • Sports a high rebound formula, allowing it to offer a high level of speed and traction
  • Long-lasting and high-rebound urethane
  • Offered at a really reasonable price
  • Ideal for technical street skating and professional riders
  • Good grip provided by its treaded surfaces
  • Comes with a narrow wheel profile so it does not work ideally for beginners and intermediate riders

#13. Wonnv Skateboard Wheels (59x45mm)

Wonnv Skateboard Wheels (59x45mm)

The Wonnv Skateboard Wheels are also among the most highly recommended wheels for skateboard enthusiasts. It has a wheel size of around 59x45mm. It is also unique as it is known to be among the few LED wheels in the market today.

It is because it produces a pure color light when it starts to spin – that’s possible with the built-in high-intensity LED lights integrated to it. The wheels actually attract younger skateboarders more considering the fact that these are flashy with the lights.

The polyurethane material used in the wheels is guaranteed to provide you with a smooth ride. The wheel’s interiors are equipped with magnetic parts fixed by a couple of bearings. Another reason to love these skateboard wheels from Wonnv is the fact that these are already equipped with bearings.

It is shock-absorbent, too. It is not that good for transitional or street skating, though, because the wheel is a bit too soft for those situations.

  • Unique as it comes equipped with LED lights
  • Attracts young skateboarders the most
  • Smooth ride provided by the polyurethane material
  • Equipped with bearings
  • Shock-absorbent
  • Interiors are equipped with magnetic parts
  • Not that compatible for transitional or street skating

#14. Penny Skateboards Penny Wheels

Penny Skateboards Penny Wheels

Another of the most reputable skateboard wheels brands is Penny Skateboards. It boasts of its Penny Wheels that continue to impress skateboarders because of their top-notch quality. This specific wheel from the brand is available at a 59-mm diameter.

The durometer, on the other hand, falls under the reasonable 78a scale. It is suitable for beginners and boasts of its perfect balance. In addition, it is flexible enough that it can handle the needs of different users, including overweight ones.

As its name suggests, it definitely works well for your penny board, especially if you want it to ride smoothly. You can also easily install it on your board and replace it if necessary. It is well-built and tends to ride smoothly.

It is also an affordable wheel. One possible complaint that you might have with the penny wheels is that they do not come with bearings.

  • Wheels are known to be of top-notch quality
  • Ideal for beginners while boasting of its perfect balance
  • Flexible and versatile that it can meet the needs of various users
  • Easy to install and replace
  • Well-built and affordable
  • Does not come with its own bearings

#15. Pig Head Natural Skateboard Wheels (52 mm)

Pig Head Natural Skateboard Wheels (52 mm)

You will not also go wrong if you choose the Pig Head Natural Skateboard Wheels, which is available at a 52-mm diameter. Such diameter is already good enough for almost all skateboarding styles.

It is actually a set composed of four wheels, giving you more than enough for your board. It also boasts of its 101a durometer. Such scale makes the wheels hard enough for more advanced skating.

It is also constructed out of urethane material, which is known to be of top-notch quality. The fact that it is a great performer in the industry also means that it is good to use in any skateboarding activity you plan to take part in. Since it comes from the Pig Skateboard Wheels brand, you also have an assurance of its excellent reputation.

It is possible for it to give you a really smooth ride, although it is pricier when you compare it to the others with the same quality and features.

  • Comes from a really reputable brand known as Pig Wheels
  • Good diameter, which allows it to handle almost all skating styles
  • Durometer scale is hard enough for more advanced skating
  • Urethane material is of great quality
  • Provides a smooth ride
  • Higher in price than the others

#16. OJ Wheels Keyframe Plain Jane White w/ Lime Wheels (54mm 87a)

OJ Wheels Keyframe Plain Jane White w/ Lime Wheels (54mm 87a)

If you are fond of white skateboard wheels, then you may also find OJ Wheels Keyframe Plain Jane White w/ Lime Wheels (54mm 87a) as the perfect option for you. It comes with a small logo of the brand on its side.

It promotes a fast and smooth rolling, especially if you use it on rough surfaces. That said, I can give you some sort of assurance that it works well without requiring you to push too much. It has the right balance between softness and hardness, too, so rest assured that it does not only work for cruising but also for filming lines and sliding.

It also works more speedily when compared to its softer varieties. The wheels are also smooth with a shiny coating found in the surface. Such makes it capable of providing good traction and grip. It’s pricey, though.

  • Promotes a quick and smooth rolling, especially when you use it on rough surfaces
  • Excellent balance between softness and hardness
  • Versatile that it works for different applications, like cruising, filming lines, and sliding
  • Good traction and grip
  • Smooth wheels with a shiny coating
  • Pricey

#17. Blood Orange 84a Morgan Pro Series Wheels

Blood Orange 84a Morgan Pro Series Wheels

You will also find the 84a Morgan Pro Series Wheels from Blood Orange impressive. The wheels have a diameter of around 65 mm. They work well for special riders, especially those who would like to skate speedily.

In terms of durability, you can never find a fault in this wheel. It is because of its really great quality and long-lasting nature – that’s made possible with its 84a durometer. It also boasts of its narrow contact patch and wide bearing – both of which promote a high-speed ride and smooth slide without compromising stability.

Another reason to love these Blood Orange Morgan Pro Series Wheels is that they provide more than enough ride control and balance once you start using them for skating. Furthermore, they adapt well to down hills and rough terrains.

The Blood Orange Morgan wheels, however, are not suitable for short rides as well as for beginners and those who are still training how to skate.

  • Works well for special riders, particularly those who are focused more on speed when skating
  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • Features a narrow patch and wide bearing, making it one of the best wheels for sliding and speed
  • Offers excellent ride control and balance
  • Adapts to rough terrains well
  • Not suitable for short rides and beginners

#18. Autobahn 53 mm 97a/101a Dual Durometer Ultra Clear White Skateboard Wheels

Autobahn 53 mm 97a/101a Dual Durometer Ultra Clear White Skateboard Wheels

The last product that this guide to skateboarding wheels will recommend is the 53 mm 97a/101a Ultra Clear White Skateboard Wheels from Autobahn. One of its most impressive features is that it works on a dual durometer – the 97a/101a.

What’s good about the dual durometer formula is that it makes the bearing of the wheel firmer, thereby boosting its stability when you use it at high speeds. Such possibility can also be gained when you power it through turns.

It also boasts of the flat-out compound exclusive to the brand, which is a major help in promoting a longer slide and faster roll without the risk of flat-spotting. It is also one of the perfect wheels for pool riding as well as for other rough terrains, like ditches, craggy streets, and metal ramps.

Beginners can also use this 53 mm 101a wheel until they receive their needed control, so they will be ready for harder durometers. However, note that it is costlier than other wheels.

  • Uses a dual durometer formula, which promotes stability
  • Promotes a longer slide and faster roll
  • Lower risk of flat-spotting
  • Suitable for use on rough terrains and pools
  • Works well for beginners who are still aiming to obtain control for hard durometers
  • Costly

The Most Suitable Wheels for Specific Skateboard Styles

In choosing the best wheels that you can use for your skateboard, you have to remember that your choice will also be dependent on your riding style. In this case, we will recommend to you some of the best products based on a certain style:

  • Street Skating / Technical Trick

For street skating and performing technical tricks, one of the most recommended products in this list is the Mini-Logo A-cut 101a Skateboard Wheel. It boasts of a 101a durometer, which is hard enough to handle skating the streets or doing some technical tricks. It also boasts of its 56-mm diameter. Alternatively, you can also choose the C-cut version of this product from Mini-Logo.

  • Transition / Vert Skating

For transition / vert skating, it is highly recommended to invest in the Wonnv Skateboard Wheels (59x45mm). Just like what you can see in the product name, it has a 59x45mm diameter. It also boasts of its 78a durometer. What is so nice about this product is that it has high intensity LED lights when spinning that tend to light up through magnetic induction. That said, you no longer need to invest in a battery to use these wheels from Wonnv. It also tends to glow in the dark, making it really unique.

  • Cruising / Transportation

When it comes to cruising or transportation, the Spitfire Classic Series High Performance Wheel is definitely the top option. The 99a durometer and 53-mm diameter of this wheel is one of its most endearing qualities. It is popular for cruising as it is known to have the right balance of softness and hardness while also boasting of a good grip and well-engineered construction.

Other products designed for cruising or transportation are Ricta Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheel, Shark Wheel 60 mm 78a California Roll and the OJ Wheels Keyframe Plain Jane White w/ Lime Wheels (54mm 87a).

  • Beginner or All-Around

If you are still a beginner in skateboarding, then there’s a chance that you would want to own an all-around skateboard wheel so you can use it when you are still training until the time when you are already gaining more control. In this case, Spitfire Formula 4 101d White W Red Skate Wheels (53 mm) is your ideal option. It is known for having a standard wheel profile, which you can easily handle as a beginner.

Aside from the one offered by Spitfire, the Santa Cruz Slime Ball Vomits Skateboard Wheels with a 60-mm diameter and a 97a durometer is also an excellent option for beginners, like you.

How to Change your Wheels and Bearings?

Changing the wheels and bearings of your skateboard is not actually that hard. Here are some of the steps designed to help you change such wheels and bearings with ease:

  • Use a 13-mm wrench to remove the axle nut, which you can find at the center of the old wheel. Set it aside then take the wheel out of your skateboard.
  • Set the wheel at the end part of the axle. Remove the bearings by prying the well gently downwards. Do the prying on the two sides of the wheel. You will know that you have removed the bearings if a spacer falls out.
  • Get the new wheel then position it in a flat surface. Locate the hole of this wheel then press the bearing into it. Do it firmly until you notice that the pressed bearing finally snaps in place. Ensure that its outer edges is flush with the wheel’s inner bottom edge.
  • Flip over the wheel then insert the bearing spacer on its back. After that insert a bearing at the back of the wheel. Once all the bearings are already in place, you can place the new wheel into the axle.
  • Slide one of the washers into the axle then the wheels into the axle. Your goal is to ensure that the axle goes through the spacer and bearings. After that, slide another washer into the axle found on the outer part of the wheel.
  • Once done, you can firmly tighten the nut of the axle. Avoid over-tightening, though. It should just be enough that the wheel can still freely spin. Do the same steps until all the wheels are already installed.

You can also learn more about how to change your wheels and bearings through this YouTube video.


Finding the best skateboard wheels is indeed a major help in further enjoying your beloved sport called skateboarding. However, you can’t just pick any wheels without figuring out which one fits your needs the most. If you are often skating on asphalt and sidewalks, then it would be best to look for wheels for asphalt and sidewalks, too.

If you are in search of one which you can use for freestyle tricks and skateboarding, then rest assured that you can also find highly reliable wheels for freestyle. Also, ensure that you are getting the right size of wheels. If a reliable sizing chart is available, refer to it so you can really figure out which one is really good for you.

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